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Identification BISF Mortgages

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Hi, We are in a pretty unique situation of wanting to buy a house we currently rent which is of BISF construction (DE21 4JQ). I am being told by the estate agents that have just valued the house that since Halifax pulled the plug on the mortgages on these types of property that they are pretty much un mortgageable and we would need to be cash buyers which as a first time buyer is pretty much off the table. Has anyone recently purchased using a mortgage a BISF property and can advise of any lenders supporting this and any additional documentation etc i would need. From all of the research ive done i was under the impression they were not on the defective register and although non standard are classed as non defective. thank you


Joseph654 9 November 2023 2:22 PM

Hi @kim692 I am in the process of buying a BISF house with a mortgage offer from Halifax. We received this offer a few months ago so either something has changed since then or the estate agent is not telling you the full truth.

I don't believe we had to provide any additional documentation, Halifax conducted their own review of the house and still gave us the offer.

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  • Thank you so much for your response. Honestly im starting to wonder if this woman that came even knew what she was talking about right now. I have also reached out to a mortgage broker that specialises in non standard construction and they have said the same as you that halifax are still doing them and so are some other lenders. So im not as panicked now.