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Question Bricking up an airy house

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Hello please can you tell me if you need any council permission to brick up an airy house that I own ? 

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Hello Cherry

It's my understanding that you do need planning permission to undertake this type of work as it would substantially change the exterior appearance of the building. 

Oddly though, in many cases where external insulation is fitted to to say a solid concrete house, planning approval isn't always required, even though the appearance can change quite dramatically.

My advice would be to give your local planning department a quick phone call. You don't have to reveal your address etc and generally speaking I have found most planning officers to be very helpful.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.


Dr J


Hi Cherry,

I recently shadowed a Surveyor on a Airey House. All Airey Houses on that street had been bricked up/cladded.

I was informed with any non-standard construction properties, you will need to gain an approved licence (also known as a repair scheme for a PRC.) 

As to per Dr J's note, you will need to contact the local authority. 

But from a planning permission perspective, you need permission if you clad/brick up your property over 25% of the whole dwelling. 


Hope this helps?