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Question Bryant System 2 information

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A potential mortgage lender has contacted me and whilst they aren't completely against lending against this construction type, they have asked me to provide them with more information.

I have established it is not on the defective list through this website (thank you) and also obtained information from an FOI with the local authority which you'd think would be enough but no.

They want to know things like the materials used and the manner of the construction. Is there anywhere that I may be able to get this kind of information or could anyone here shed any light for me? 

thanks in advance


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@kris14 Hi Kris, I don't know if you still need this information, but this is what I have for the Bryant 2 House, also known as the Bryant Low Rise.


Manufacturer: Bryant Low Rise Ltd
Designers: Bryant Design and Construction Ltd M Rhys-Davies

Period built: 1965–1970s    Number built: 3000

Alternative names: Bryant System 2/ Bryant Large Panel

Bungalows and 2-storey terraced houses.


Shallow pitch gable or mono-pitch roof covered with concrete tiles.
External walls of brick throughout, or front and rear walls of PRC panels infilled with storey height timber window panels to first floor level, with tile hanging, GRP, asbestos cement sheets, exposed aggregate or mosaic tiles above.
Gable wall of brick.

BRE Report BR 107 - CIBSA 1967
Interbuild, System Building 2, 1964

Diagonal lateral bracing to roof trusses omitted.
Diagonal cracking in brickwork.
Omission of loop reinforcement shown on construction drawings to corner of first floor slab.
Friable and voided dry pack in gable and separating wall floor joints.
Cracking between PRC panels and dry pack.
Significant levels of chloride and low depth of carbonation in PRC panels.
Low concrete cover to reinforcement in PRC panels.
This system was also used for flats.

Substructure: PRC ground beams. Concrete slab. DPC.

External walls: Front and rear walls of 4" or 4 1/2" ground floor PRC spandrel panels seated on rebate in ground floor slab and bolted to crosswall panels, storey height x 20' PRC panels infilled with storey height timber frame panels, 4" or 4 1/2" x 4' first floor house width PRC spandrel panels clad with tile hanging on timber battens backed with polystyrene insulation. PRC house width eaves beam.
Gable wall of brick, cavity, 1" polystyrene insulation, 6" storey height PRC panels. Wall ties. PRC
gable apex panel.
Separating wall: 7" storey height PC panels with rebates and notches.
Partitions: 2 1/4" or 3 1/2" Paramount board. Spine wall of 4 3/4" or 5" storey height PRC panels tied to cross wall panels with loop and lacing bar reinforcement.
Ground floor: Concrete.
First floor: Timber boarding on timber joists.
Ceilings: Plasterboard.
Roof: Timber rafters and purlins and concrete tiles.

Outer leaf of external walls of brick throughout.
External walls clad with GRP, asbestos cement sheets,
exposed aggregate and mosaic tiles.
External walls insulated with polystyrene fixed to timber
battens on internal surface of ground floor PRC spandrel
Upper storey floors of PRC floor