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Question Can I get a PRC certificate without a rebuild?

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I bought my house in 2017 without a PRC, now I am trying to sell it I can’t without a PRC certificate.

My house is a unity 2.

The repair work has been carried out by the council but the local council /planning have no record of this.

can anyone offer any advice? 

bbazz1888 bbazz1888 26 September 2022 10:44 AM

@jessica96 sorry, I can't help. I just have a question. What local authority are you living in? We are south Cambridge and I think we are in a similar situation. However, we are just about to embark on the RTB (Right to buy) process.


I heard you can get someone to issue a new certificate. But when I research the checks are so invasive you'd nearly need a rebuild anyway! This could be my misunderstanding.

Jessica96 Jessica96 Topic starter 26 September 2022 11:39 AM

@bbazz1888 my local council is derby city in the Midlands. Since finding out my house is non standard construction I have spoken to several people and you can get one retrospectively if the default panels/frame has been removed at the cost of £999 usually speaking. Mine however hasn't had the defaults removed and has had what's called a cosmetic rebuild to make it look standard and thr cost to repair is qouted at £65000. ⁰

I am currently looking at using solicitors to have some compensation as I have tried selling my property and can't. My best advise is if you haven't bought it yet then don't as we are having a whirlwind of issues now. The company at fault in my situation is the lender/conveyancer at the time of the original report as it wasn't made clear that a prc was needed on purchase. 

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Sorry to hear you're having issues with your properties PRC certificate.

I'm also surprised to hear that your local council has stated that they have no record of the repairs that were undertaken.

The Housing Defects Legislation (now Part XVI of the Housing Act 1985) originally allowed the Secretary of State to designate particular dwelling types as inherently defective, and empowered local authorities to operate a Scheme of Assistance for all eligible owners, either by way of buy back or by way of repair. (Unfortunately this scheme is no longer)


Over 28,000 households were aided under the Assistance Scheme.
Most ‘repairs’ were carried out using a system of repair which was licensed, inspected and certificated by PRC Homes Ltd, a subsidiary of NHBC, however not all owners chose this route.
Some local authorities carried out ‘partial repairs’ to their own stock, which unfortunately did not remove all the defective PRC structural elements from the dwellings. Unfortunately, this type of ‘local repair’ did not provide valid PRC certification, meaning that in many cases, the property remains unmortgageable to lenders.
By the same token, some local councils did repair their properties to a certifiable standard, but it appears that not all properties were certified.

The problem that many PRC homeowners face today, is trying to establish exactly what repairs were undertaken to their properties and by whom?
In cases where the property was repaired to a high certifiable level, it may be possible to obtain certification following a full survey by a qualified surveyor who is familiar with the the requirements of the PRC certification scheme.
The BRE (Building Research Establishment) have established a new certification scheme aimed at assisting owners  of Designated Defective PRC properties. A link to their scheme webpage can be found HERE

Their webpage has a form attached, where homeowners can seek advice relating to their own specific issues. It may be worth contacting them in respect of the work already undertaken to your property by the council. They may be able to advise further on the best course of action to take, and in particular, to establish if your property was repaired to the PRC scheme level of certification.

At the same time, I would suggest filing a freedom of information request with your local council, asking for all information they have, in relation to the councils stock of Unity PRC dwellings. They should be able to respond providing they have not transferred their housing stock to a housing association. Unfortunately, independent housing associations do not have to respond to FOI requests.

Please let me know how you get on. 

Best Regards