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Identification Concrete construction in Newmarket


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Hello. If any members can help with identifying the construction type of the attached house, I'd be really grateful. It is a 1950s built end terrace in the Freshfields area of Newmarket, Suffolk. I know it's definitely concrete but would like to find out if our mortgage provider is likely to class it as a Pre-cast re-enforced concrete property designated under the Housing Act 1985, part xvi, 

Many thanks in advance for any replies.

Screenshot 20210721 223659~2
Screenshot 20210721 223510~2
Screenshot 20210721 223632~4


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Hello Gail, welcome to the forum and apologies for the delays you have experienced both is registering and comment moderation approval. Unfortunately the so called Pingdemic hasn't been been kind to us forcing key staff members into self isolation.

I've taken a look at your property and from what I can see of the construction, I strongly suspect that you have a Laing Easiform, In-situ house which is not classified as defective under the Housing act.

Just click the link below for a little more information regarding the Easiform house. 


If you need any further information, please do let me know.


John T

Thank you for your reply John. It is much appreciated.