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This mid-terrace post-war build with pebble dash finish and tile roof is a non-standard construction which was bought at auction a few months ago and has been refurbished internally. The sellers/estate agent are unable to provide further information regarding the type of non-standard construction, but it is expected to be a form of precast reinforced concrete (PRC) as several other houses in the same street are a form of PRC.

Could anyone help with identifying the construction type/name?


If helpful, postcode is OX5 2JJ.

pro2203935 ext2
pro2203935 ext13

After door and window change.


Before door and window change.

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Hi, I noted you posted your question a couple of months ago, and I'm unsure if you still need advice, but here goes.

Your property appears to be a Unity Type II house, manufactured by Unity Structures Ltd & Unity House Construction.

Construction Type: PRC Precast Reinforced Concrete
Period built: 1950s
Total Number built: 19,000 (includes Types I and II)

The property was most likely sold at auction due to it being designated defective under the 1985 housing act and therefore un-mortgageable unless repaired under an approved PRC repair scheme and issued with a PRC certificate as proof of repair.

That's probably also why many nearby properties appear to have been externally refurbished to varying degrees.

The first image you posted above depicts the original form of this house type, before refurbishment.

Your house in the centre appears to have been renovated at some stage. This may have taken place when the property was owned by the local council, or it may have been refurbished privately. It would be of great benefit for you to try to establish if a PRC repair certificate was issued in respect of the property. Some councils repaired their own PRC properties outside of the PRC repair scheme, but at a standard that could well be issued with certification, whilst other councils did not.

It may well be worth contacting one of the PRC home repairs services for advice on this, as they may have access to a register, or be able to inspect your property in order to establish if it has been repaired to certification standards. If so, this could increase the properties value as well as making it mortgageable with certain lenders.