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Identification Crosswall/RAT-trad ex council with flat roof

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Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with this construction type? It's a 1950s ex council house (SW9 7LG). It has a flat felt roof. I think it's a crosswall construction (RAT-trad, rationalised traditional construction) but just want to check if anyone knows any more details. I'm wondering what the internal walls are likely to be made of too. I assume if it's a RAT-trad then the internal walls won't be load bearing? but some of the internal walls seem quite thick so i'm not sure. Thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2024 02 04 at 10.57.25
WhatsApp Image 2024 02 04 at 11.02.07
Screenshot 2024 02 04 at 11.05.39