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Identification Has anyone come across this build type?

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Hi all,

Any help identifying this will be greatly appreciated. Timber frame bungalow with hip roof of (possible asbestos) fibre cement slate. Plasterboard internally and the external timber frame is clad in (possible asbestos) fibre cement sheet with a outer leaf of brick. Walls are 290mm thick.

Timber floor and (possible asbestos) fibre cement ceilings now skimmed with gypsum.

It is located in Castlethorpe, North Bucks.

1950's original but extended to side rear and has a porch added to the front.

I have emailed the LA but no reply, and I am writing up a survey so being able to provide the name of the build type would be really useful.

Thanks to all in advance.


Front elevation
Fibre cement in frame cavity forming an outer cladding