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Identification Help identify this non standard build, for a low rise block flat in Edinburgh ?

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More precisision :

The address is EH8 7RW 

It is a form council building, now part council part private ownership. The home report indicates it's a non standard build, with a "concrete frame type with brick infill panels", but without much more information, while stating it might not be suitable for all lenders.

I've tried to look around Edinburgh Non-Standard Construction Housing Stock Lists, with no luck. I've also not seen any building looking like this when googling around, so I was hoping someone could help narrow it down Smile

Admin Admin 3 June 2024 4:58 PM

@fump Hi Fump, I spent quite a few hours over the weekend looking into this construction for you, but alas, just like you, I couldn't find out much at all. 

I've searched multiple groups, historical societies and various data sources, but no joy. We mainly focus on houses here rather than flats, but we will always try to expand our horizons and look into a request.

I do however find it quite puzzling that these low to medium rise flats were not included in the councils non-trad data list. 

I'm going to fire off another FOI request to Edinburgh City Council and see if they can assist us. 

Hopefully we might get some answers, but it could take a few weeks unfortunately.

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Thanks very much for taking the time ! If it's a few week it might be late, but now i'm invested so if you ever get an answer i'm looking forward to it