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Identification Help identifying type in crewe CW2 8NR

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Hello There

Looking to identify this house at CW2 8NR in crewe. Also, bizarrely getting asked by the mortgage company what concrete is used?

Screenshot 2024 04 15 at 12.09.21
Screenshot 2024 04 15 at 12.09.33


1 Answer

That looks like a nice example of a Unity Type II house to me.

Manufacturers: Unity Structures Ltd / Unity House Construction

Designated Defective - So likely Cash Only Sales

Period built: 1950s
Number built: 19,000 (includes Types I and II)
Alternative names: Butterley - Unity -  Brickclad

Bungalows and 2-storey semi-detached and terraced houses.
Medium pitch hipped or gable roof covered with concrete tiles.
External walls of stack bonded Precast Concrete panels, or sometimes partial or total exterior brick cladding.
Tile hanging to gable apex.

Horizontal cracking of PRC columns. Cracking and spalling of PRC lintels. Corrosion of steel at interface between RSJ floor support beam and PRC columns.
Corrosion of copper strap retaining clips.
Significant levels of chloride in PRC external wall panels.
Asbestos cement roofing sheets.
This system was also used for flats.


Substructure: Concrete strip footings. Concrete slab.
Frame: 6" x 3 1/2" storey height PRC columns with bases anchored to foundation with mass concrete.
Horizontal metal braces between columns at first floor and eaves level, diagonal bracing in a vertical plane
between columns at corners and adjacent columns, and in horizontal plane between columns in front and rear
walls and steel floor support beams.
External walls: PC panels, cavity, PC blocks, copper strap retaining clips.
Separating wall: 2 1/2" lightweight PC block cavity wall.
Partitions: storey height reinforced plaster units.
Ground floor: Timber boarding on concrete.
First floor: T&G or laminated timber boarding on RSJ floor support beam fixed to columns by RSC end plates.
Ceilings: Not known.
Roof: Timber rafters connected to column heads with steel plates, asbestos cement sheets and concrete tiles.

Frame with twin PRC corner columns.
Cladding at corners square or chamfered.
PRC columns acting as mullions.
PRC lintel bolted to RSAs bolted to columns.
Cavity closers below window openings.
Linings to external wall of plasterboard on timber battens.

Please understand that this is my assumption based purely on the visible data available. If in doubt, always consult an experienced surveyor or structural engineer.