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Identification Hi I am looking to establish the construction type name for this property please

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The property is built of concrete panels including ceiling's, the external you can see is rendered on the outside with face brickwork to the bottom which is assumed will be cavity brick work between the brick and panels. 

The property would have originally had a flat roof but the local housing association who bought the estate added the Roof's on in the 90's-2000's

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Hello Mickey, thank you for providing a good set of images.

The property that you have there appears to be called HSSB. The manufacturer was a company called SLP Industrialised Building. They are also known as: High Speed System Building / Lyndsay Parkinson, and sometimes just Parkinson.

The designer of these buildings was Lindsay Parkinson
Period built: 1964–late 1960s
There was only around 660 of these dwellings ever constructed, making them quite rare and unfamiliar to many.
They were built as Bungalows and 2- and 3-storey terraced houses.
They were constructed with medium pitch roof covered with concrete tiles or as in your case, a flat roof
covered with asphalt.
The external wall construction varied too, some being of brick panels throughout, or horizontal or vertical timber boarding, or infilled with timber frame panels.

Some dwellings have an exposed Precast Reinforced Concrete ring beams at first floor and eaves level.

They are known to have a number of recorded issues, including but not limited to:

Misplaced or missing vertical lacing and loop reinforcement between panels.
Missing or incorrectly placed steel ties between floor slab and PRC ring beam.
Varying levels of compaction of in-situ and precast concrete.
Spalling of concrete in PRC ring beams, PRC corner posts and external staircase areas.
High rates of carbonation and significant levels of chloride in PRC ring beams and corner posts.

There are further variants listed for this design, including:

Roof of timber trusses and concrete tiles.
First floor of T&G boarding on timber joists.
External walls of lightweight PC panels clad with building paper, timber battens and vertical or horizontal timber boarding.
PRC panel cavity external walls with brushed aggregate finish.
Storey height timber frame panels with various claddings.
Brick-faced PRC ring beams.

I hope this assists you.