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When was this put together as I not my rd shoes no details?

Admin Admin 30 May 2024 11:04 PM
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@tkg I think you are asking when one of the housing lists was put together? And also that your road is not on there.

I'm not sure which list you are referring to, but we have two main listing categories.

Main UK Council Housing Lists

Our main Housing List is a record of all Non-Traditional / Non-Standard Housing Stock held by various councils across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The data is provided in response to Freedom Of Information Requests. Many Councils Transferred their housing stock to private housing associations and no longer hold housing data. Housing associations are not legally required to respond to FOI requests. Some councils simply refuse to supply housing data, citing privacy concerns.

British Iron & Steel Federation (BISF) steel Framed Houses in the UK - Spit into England, Scotland,Wales.

BISF Houses are one type of very specific and distinctively designed, steel framed post-war houses that were manufactured by the 'British Iron & Steel Federation' in 1946/47. SEE IMAGE

Please only use the BISF house lists if you are searching for the location of steel framed BISF Houses. Every other type of house, such as Tarran, Dorran, Trusteel, Cruden, Woolaway, Arcon, etc will be found in the list titled Housing Lists.