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Question How to Board out a Steel Truss Attic

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Hello - I am looking to board out some attic space for storage, in a Dorlonco steel-framed house, and am looking for advice on the best way to go about it. There are steel trusses, the lower horizontal members of which run partially embedded in panels of some sort of concrete. There are other horizontal steel members too, perpendicular to the trusses, again, partially embedded in concrete panels. These horizontal steel frames stick up above the concrete only by about 1.5cm. Are these horizontal steel frames strong enough to hold a timber based boarding arrangement? I was thinking of running some CLS timber across the steel frames and fixing boarding panels to the CLS. However, I'd like an attic ladder too, so I'd like the timber/boards to be secured somehow, so that the ladder is stable. What type of fixtures can be used to attach to the steel framework? Do you think I can drill holes through the steel frames to attach bolts, to which I can then secure timber? 




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