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Identification of house in Lanchester, Co Durham  



Hi all,

My brother and girlfriend are looking at buying a house in Lanchester, County Durham. They have asked our opinion of it and my boyfriend says it looks like a system built timber frame house. Is they’re any way of confirming this before a survey is done? The house is on Meadow way, Lanchester. 
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Hi Brownie, Thank you for providing a link to the property.

Unfortunately, some timber framed constructions are extremely difficult to identify, especially when the exterior walls are of standard brick construction all round.

I contacted the local building control office, but unfortunately they do not hold any records relating to these properties.
I also checked with the local Council but they no longer hold any housing stock or records of construction either so at present we have no way to confirm or deny your partners suspicion.

The property does slightly resemble a type of construction known as Crosswall. In the simplest of terms a detached Crosswall construction consists of two load bearing side walls (gable end walls) which provide the main vertical support for the building.

In between these walls, bridging components are installed, such as support joists which provide longitudinal stability onto which floor timbers and roofing materials etc are fitted. The front and rear elevations of the property are often constructed with a timber or precast concrete framed wall facade, onto which a variety of finishes can be affixed.
However in most cases the front and rear walls aren't generally constructed in brick as we see in your property, but I also note what appears to be a feature wall near to the front door which utilises a different brick finish to the rest of the house. Plus that fact that this is a three storey dwelling, also reduces the likelihood that this is a Crosswall.

I think a survey would be your best bet here but you could ask the seller if they still have a copy of the their own survey from their original purchase of the house.

It would be great to hear how you get on.

Sorry I can't be more helpful at this point but I wish you well.


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