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Identification Identification of House Type (Bristol/South Glos)


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I am currently in the process of purchasing a property in the South Glos/Bristol area and am having some trouble with the surveyor/lender. That said, the council has not been entirely helpful either. I have a small glimmer of hope, but it seems to contradict what I have read in some areas online.


An old valuation document shown to me states that the construction type is:

We understand the property is of pre-cast concrete cross wall construction with PVC external panelling to the front and rear elevations. The roof is pitched and tiled. This type of property is known as Gregory cross wall type.

The valuation document goes on to state:

it must be stressed that our inspection of the fabric of the building itself was extremely limited.


It seems a lot of buyers are running into trouble getting mortgages on these, but an independent estate agent has managed to shift a few and gave the following advice:

state that the build is ‘Gregory Industrialised’ and that although it is ‘non-standard construction’, it is not classed as defective under the 1985 Housing Act – and it therefore does not require a PRC certificate.


At first this looks like good news, but this seems to contradict advice I have found online - and these don't look like Gregory houses I have seen online either!

Could you please identify the buildings?

This is the front of 'my' property:


This is the rear:


I feel that this might not give the best view - and so the following are the property across the path. All of the houses in this estate are of this construction:


Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated - thank you in advance!

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Hello Lee, I can understand your frustration here.

I've taken a look at the houses in the immediate area and I can appreciate exactly why you are questioning their construction type as they are not an exact match to any of my reference material. However, we do know that there can be a wide variety of variation in the external design in any one named type of property, which only compounds the issue  of identification.

Normally, most councils keep a copy of all their Non-Trad building stock but unfortunately, South Gloucestershire Council transferred all their stock to Merlin Housing and as a result, they can no longer provide construction information.

Merlin has since been renamed as Bromford and it may be that this will be your best route in order to obtain clarification of construction type. The only issue here, is that Bromford are not legally required to release this information under the F.O.I act, so it will be up to them if they respond or not.

I did try to speak directly with the Bromford housing team earlier today but after an eternity on hold, I was put through to the switchboard, who insisted that all requests for information should be submitted via e-mail to 

You could try e-mailing them to ask if they are able to confirm the exact property type of the houses at this locality. I note that as well as Orion Drive, similar properties can be found at Olympus Close, Orpheus Avenue and Hercules close too. 
I could submit the request on your behalf but I do feel that you may have obtain a faster response if you mail them directly to outline your predicament.

The properties do bear some resemblance to the Gregory Industrialised constructions that I have seen, however the window configurations to the front and rear elevations vary quite considerably, even between adjoining properties.
The other issue we face is the fact that there are numerous types of different named crosswall systems that also appear similar in design, but even among these, I can find no exact match in my files. That's not to say that these properties aren't Gregory Industrialised, they could well be, but like you, I feel a little more investigation would be advantageous.

Obviously, I can only base my views on the external appearance of the property and without loft-space access which can sometimes aid identification. 

I'll try to post a little more information regarding Gregory Industrialised properties in the near future which may prove helpful to others in a similar situation.

I'm also posting a few images below to highlight some of the variations that are visible between the buildings at this location.

orpheus ave south glouces 2


orpheus ave south glouces
orion drive south gloucest


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Thank you so much for your reply. I really did not expect such a high level of work! It's really appreciated.

Yes it appears there are quite a few properties in the area with the same issue!

I will contact Bromford immediately!

Thank you again Smile


You're very welcome Lee.

Please keep me updated as it would be great to eventually make a full identification here.




Did you ever get to the bottom of this at all we are currently selling out house and surveyor from lender has said it’s a single skin house which is incorrect we were told it was a Gregory industrialised they are saying defective we were told not defective at all and you can gain a mortgage as we have own ! So frustrating banks send surveyors who don’t ha e the knowledge


Hello Hammz, the property certainly does appear to be a Gregory Industrialised from what I can see and if this turns out to be correct, you should note that this property type is not registered as defective.

Sadly, many lenders become confused with non-standard property types, and frequently consider properties to be defective, when they are actually not.

What is your position at the moment? Which lender are you dealing with?



It certainly is a Gregory Industralised dug out our old paperwork - our buyers had applied to Barclays who sent a surveyor who said it was a single skin defective property - the buyers have appealed as they know this is incorrect as their family live 2 door down - appealed over a week ago and still not heard back 

they have since applied with Santander surveyor came 2 days ago  but still awaiting outcome 

our mortgage is with Halifax but the couple can’t apply with them as one of them is on furlough and Halifax won’t accept 

it so frustrating ! 

Santander valuation report back now require full structural report 



Can't see how old this is; just stumbled across this page.
I bought a house on one of those Estates in 2019, and had to provide the construction type because the Seller had no paperwork (and the Bank's conveyancer said it was Cornish). In the end, I went to Bromford who were able to provide proof that an adjoining property is Gregory Type-2 construction.

Can confirm not classed as 'defective' (like the Cornish ones are), and was able to get a mortgage with Nationwide.

Screenshot from Bromford's database (from Merlin, when they took over from the Council)

Screenshot 2021 09 22 at 10.54.22

@chriz007 Brilliant piece of additional evidence Chris.

Thanks for adding this to the discussion and helping out the original poster. It's what this community was set up for, to help others in similar situations.

Great to see members offering support to each other.

Best Regards