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Identification Is my house a prefab of some sort?

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The trouble with houses in Scotland is that you can't identify what they're made of well, because almost every house has roughcasting. I'm pretty sure this house is concrete but I have no sure if it's a prefab or if it's even concrete for that matter. I've seen this house in other places in Scotland and I'd like to know who built it if possible, becuase I want to find a floor plan and other information on it. It's in Fallin, Stirling, Scotland. if you'd like any interior shots (loft, window frames etc please ask)



Admin Admin 11 November 2022 12:20 PM
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@scotware Hi Scotware, thank you for providing an image, however I could definitely do with a street name here as I suspect it may be a timber framed Timcon house. 

Also any additional images would be advantageous, especially of the loft space.

Unfortunately though, if it is confirmed to be a Timcon construction, it is practically impossible to locate any data for this construction type.

Scotware Scotware Topic starter 11 November 2022 6:00 PM

It's Bandeath Road, Fallin. If it's a timber framed house I'd need to completely rethink everything I know about houses, as the walls are SOLID and around the windows is concrete. I'll get loft photos tomorow. Thanks

Scotware Scotware Topic starter 11 November 2022 7:36 PM

I'm scared of opening the loft as I tried to hold my phone up there and a bat touched me and I'm terrified of things like this in my loft. I'll try to get my brother to take photos tomorow. Here's some photos of the window frames. On the timcon note - My mother lives in a wooden house on Polmaise Crescent. That house has plasterboard walls and stuff - This house has walls that would shatter a wrecking ball. I fractured a wrist before because I went to open the door and missed the handle

Scotware Scotware Topic starter 11 November 2022 7:38 PM
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Scotware Scotware Topic starter 11 November 2022 7:39 PM

On an unrelated note, Funnily enough this house was built on top of what was previously (40?) prefab bungalows, I think this house was built in the 50s or 60s

Scotware Scotware Topic starter 11 November 2022 7:42 PM

Argh! I just realised the photo I sent of the window frame, well, that part of the window is just a trim! It's not the actual wall.. Sorry. I'll get loft photos soon.

Down the street there's bungalows that I believe to be the same style of build.



Admin Admin 12 November 2022 3:06 PM

@scotware Hi Scotware, I'm with you on the bat situation! I bet that was a shock to the system.

Well, this identification is turning out to be quite tricky to say the least. I created a visual map of all non-standard council owned properties in Stirling, but unfortunately, none of the properties were listed in your street, or even close to your road. That could mean all the properties were either privately built, or were once council owned/built, but have been sold under the right to buy scheme.

The other issue we face, is that very large numbers of non-traditional constructions were built all over Scotland by a number of large well known building companies, along with many not so infamous, smaller builders and even the local authorities themselves. That's what makes identification so difficult in cases like this. And that's without taking into consideration the huge variation of designs, layouts and finishes.

I'll embed the map I created below. Yu should be able to zoom in to the Fallin area, and see where identified property types are located.

I've spent about 4 hours this morning thoroughly investing different areas where similar houses might be located, including Falkirk, but I have not found an exact match. Two construction types come close, these being the Timcon and the Banton No-Fines house which is constructed from in-situ poured concrete. According to BRE (Building Research Establishment) only around 70 Banton No-Fines were ever built, yet I have uncovered 535 of them in Falkirk alone. So that shows that even the countries leading authority on domestic dwelling construction, can provide misleading data.

What I aim to do next, is contact a few local history groups in Fallin and see if they can provide any further information that might aid identification.

I'll also post additional images below of both Timcon and Banton No-fines houses, as both appear to share some similarities.

It may also be worth knocking on a few doors nearby and asking the neighbours if they are aware of the construction type.

Admin Admin 12 November 2022 3:45 PM


I'm out of time at the moment as I have an appointment to make. The below images are of 3 different construction types, including Anchor, Timcon and Banton. All share certain visual similarities, despite many design variations per build type. The Timcom having the most variations.

I'll update you as soon a I receive any further replies from my enquiries.

Bandeath Rd Fallin
2022 11 12 13h50 30
anchor 6m
anchor 6M Netherfield Rd Polmont
appin terrace perth Anchor construction
Timcon const
Timcon  Kyle Ave Cowie
Timcom Gallamuir Drive scotland
Timcon Construction
Banton Construction Auchincloch drive scotland
banton const house scotland
uNKNOWN sinclair dve fallin stirling
BANTON bankier rd banknock scotland
BANTON bankier terrace banknock
timbercon Oronsay Ave
anchor 6M Netherfield Rd Polmont
banton no fines construction diagram
Admin Admin 13 November 2022 11:37 PM

@scotware We might be in luck. I see that someone has sent a Freedom of Information request to Stirling Council asking if they can supply the named construction type of a property in Bandeath Rd. The Council have until the 12th of December to reply.

I've heard back from a few local residents who think some of the properties were built in the 60's by the council. 

Another gentleman who's a joiner, and who used to live in the street, but now lives nearby, said some of the buildings have steel floor joists and steel columns in the walls, onto which plasterboard was fixed.
The trouble is, there's a few different construction types in the street and it's difficult to know if he's referring to your type.

I'm really quite enjoying this deep dive, as it's been a lot more challenging than usual. Fingers crossed we will have a firm answer soon.

Scotware Scotware Topic starter 24 November 2022 10:48 AM

Thanks for the help guys, sorry I haven't been active since I caught some kind of virus.. I'll get back in action with the photos

Scotware Scotware Topic starter 24 November 2022 10:51 AM

Also, These houses are council houses, Some bought but a lot are still council - Funny how they aren't on a list of non traditional houses that stirling council released a while ago

Scotware Scotware Topic starter 24 November 2022 11:03 AM

Here's a photo of a tiny section of the floor, when the ceiling decided to fall apart. Also unrelated, does the ceiling look slanted to you?



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