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Question Livett Cartwright mortgage lenders


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I've had an offer accepted on a Livett Cartwright house in Leeds - I'm wanting to compare a few interest rates and offers but the only mortgage lenders I can find which lend on a Livett Cartwright are Nationwide and Halifax.


Can anybody list some lenders that will provide a mortage for a Livett Cartwright? Its Steel framed with concrete cladding.



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Hi Claire, I know someone who used Santander a while back but unsure if this is still the case.

You're best best is to search for the name of a lender, say Santander for example, then add the words 'Lunding Criteria' onto the name eg. Santander Lending Criteria, and you should gain access to their published lending guidelines which usually states somewhere in the document, under 'property types' the type of property that the lender is willing to accept.

I know that Halifax which you already mentioned is quite a popular lender.

You could also give this mortgage comparison a try from GoCompare.

It states it's for mortgages for non-standard homes, although I haven't tried it myself.


Let me know how you get.

Dr J