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Identification Looking to buy a BISF property

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Hi, I am currently renting but looking to buy a BISF property from the landlord in the next year. We are 100% sure it is a BISF property, no brick wrapping. This will be our first house purchase and just wondering if we should be expecting hassle obtaining a mortgage. Any specific certificates we need to ensure are obtained in advance or any general advise welcome. Wondering if we will only have a small number of mortgage providers to choose from? 

David B David B 2 May 2023 11:19 PM


Hi Kim, You should fine plenty of answers to similar previously posted questions by using the forum search bar.

Here's a few results using the term 'buying bisf' for you. RESULTS

It's always worth checking that it actually is a BISF house that your buying, because there are other houses out there that do look incredibly similar.

If it is a BISF House, there are no special certificates required.

You do need to approach a lender that accepts properties of Non-Standard Construction. From previous experience in dealing with Non-Trads, I recall that Santander and Halifax both used to and hopefully still do, but it's always worth checking their current lending criteria first. To do this, simply do an internet search titled, 'Halifax Lending Criteria' or 'Santander Lending Criteria', and you should be able to view or download their current documents. The section you need is usually found under the heading 'Construction Types'.

It's always worth having a full structural survey carried out if possible because a general homebuyers survey isn't very comprehensive. A structural survey can be either invasive or non-invasive depending on the survey. Whilst an invasive survey is the best option, you may find that the seller in unwilling to allow this as, it may involve cutting small inspection holes into the exterior walls of the building. There are less invasive ways of examining the steel framework, which a surveyor can discuss with you.

It's also worth finding out if the original asbestos roof of your chosen property has been replaced or not, as some (but not all) lenders are becoming increasingly reluctant to lend on properties with corrugated asbestos roofs.

Apart from that, the process should be as straightforward as buying any other type of house as long as the survey results are satisfactory.