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Identification Looking to identify the steel framed type of a property in CW9 London Road

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JonesG Topic starter 3 January 2024 12:48 PM

I apologise for the poor-quality photos. Internal steel is red and black, if you look at the front photo there is a steel H Beam that runs below the first course of brick. It is believed this was installed to combat subsidence issues in the area due to salt mines and brine pumping. 

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I's a Trusteel MkII.  Construction dates usually early 1960 - early 1970.  Lovely houses with high ceilings and generous rooms, but difficult to get a mortgage without a Certificate of Strucutural Adequacy, and that most often means repairs and recoating to the lower part of the frame, dependant on whether the builder followed the instruction manual or not (usually not!).