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Identification Looking to identify this house construction.

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I am having a tough time determining the construction methods involved in this 1950-1966 semi-detached home (On RightMove

The house is in Clay Cross, Derbyshire. From what I can tell, the houses on the other side of the street are TruSteel. I've determined this from this report (even numbered houses mentioned, no odd)(From this site

However, the style of the roof (positioning of the chimneys) is different, on the side of the road I'm interested in. 

The first picture is the house I'm interested in. The second photo is of the houses on the other side of the street. Nextdoor has had an extra layer of bricks added by the council recently.

6128 32610772 IMG 10 0001

Hope you can help. I'm leaning towards TruSteel, but I can't find any other photos of TruSteel with chimneys on the hips.  To me, it looks most like a Reema, but I can't find any photos of a Reema with brick cladding, which seems strange when there are so many of this style of house on this estate.


Hope you can help. Many thanks in advance.