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Identification Mixed messages on construction - knocked back by Nationwide surveyor for mortgage

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  We have been knocked back from Nationwide as they say this may be non standard construction. 


The surveyor notes "Thank you for the information.
During my inspection of the roof space I noticed that the roof frame is entirely constructed of mild steel (both the roof trusses and the supporting cross-beams).
I would not expect to see this in a traditionally built council dwelling of this age where timber structural roof members would be the norm.
As the broker has pointed out, there are other dwellings on the opposite side of the street which are certainly steel-framed (Howard steel fame). I do not believe this property is of the same construction as those opposite, but on the basis of my limited inspection for mortgage purposes there are in my opinion sufficient grounds for suspicion that it may be some form of steel-framed dwelling.
I'm afraid that the fact the seller has re-mortgaged twice and this issue has not been raised does not constitute proof that it is of traditional construction since these lenders may not have required a roof space inspection or the inspecting surveyor may not have noticed the steel roof frame."


It doesn't seem like any of the steel frame construction houses I have been able to research, but a lot on this estate are Howard construction, or others. The street is noted on Your Homes Newcastle database, but I presumed this was for the Howard constructions opposite.


How can we beat proceed? Not sure whether to pay for structural survey? Obviously if it is steel frame construction this would have a significant impact on valuation 


Thanks in advance




John Topic starter 25 May 2023 4:40 PM

This is 7 Glanton Wynd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 2LQ

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There's loads of non standard construction house around that area. Other side of Wansbeck Road you have Aln Avenue which had the nick name tin-town are all BISF type house, there were refurbished a while back with EWI.

Im sure most on Glanton Wynd are non standard construction with a brick skin. Have a look at Kirkley Close just around the corner from there, i'm almost positive they are the same type of non standard constructions and they also had the brick skin years ago.



Sorry, misread your post. The one in the image is definitely not the same as those on Kirkley Close.