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BISF Nationwide rejected mortgage due to Countrywide feedback!

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Nationwide have rejected our mortgage application after countrywide used the comments 


The property is of BISF steel frame construction with a corrugated metal sheet roof covering. This form of construction is not acceptable security for mortgage advance.


Mortgage advisor has suggested trying Halifax as a second option before we call it a day on this property and look elsewhere. Has anyone recently secured a mortgage on a BSIF construction (not brick wrapped) with a steel roof in 2024??? we are buying from our landlord at a reduced rate and really really dont want to move if we dont need too and plan to stay here long term, 

Simon290773 11 May 2024 3:48 PM


We had the asbestos sheets for our roof when we brought it, told Nationwide about it, and they said yep won't be a problem. When the surveyor turned up, he just looked at the roof and said no point do a survey as Nationwide won't lend on a house with the asbestos roof.

Went to Halifax and not a problem 

kim692 Topic starter 12 May 2024 9:04 AM

Thank you. Can i ask when you secured the mortgage? I know halifax were quite open to this type a few years ago but seem to have tightened the reigns recently