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Identification NSC but which style

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Hi new here and impressed with the info available.

I bought a house similar to the one in the picture. it’s non-standard construction he has 4 inch poured concrete internal walls, poured inner skin,  brick external skin skin with hung tile in a terrace trust roof with concrete tiles.   I’m trying to identify the model

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of the house,  can somebody help.

David B David B 16 September 2022 10:39 PM


Hi Kris, did you manage to find out your construction type? If you still need help, let me know.

Ps if you can supply a postcode, that would help a lot.


David B

Kris Topic starter 21 September 2022 9:16 AM



hi David thanks for the reply, no I have had no luck identifying the property type yet so any help would be really good.

post cod is Co27PB