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Identification Please help PRC Identification - Bury

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Hello I am trying to purchase this house, Skipton said no as is PRC unrepaired. The vendors bought it 16 years ago and report no problem getting mortgage, they however do not know what type it is.

Mortgage advisor said we need the type to apply for appropriate mortgage. I’m guessing it’s Orlit type 2? I found your data base and is on there it is Hunters Hill, Bury. 
I would appreciate anyone who can help us identify and wonder if anyone has managed to get a mortgage on same type unrepaired? Thank you in advance 

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Hello Tormay

I can confirm that you are correct in assuming that the properties at Hunters Hill, Bury are Orlit Type II houses. Theses houses are considered defective under Defective Housing Act Legislation 1984/85.

In order to be considered suitable for mortgage lending purposes, a defective PRC property must be repaired under a approved PRC repair Scheme, or BRE repair scheme, complete with certification.

PRC repair work involves removing any redundant concrete structural components and replacing them with traditional masonry walls.
Many local authorities upgraded/repaired their own concrete housing stock outside of the scheme in the late 80's and 90's, and some of this work may not have been carried out to PRC Homes repair standards and consequently they are not suitable for lending.

If a defective property has not been repaired, or has a limited projected lifespan, its value will decline as it nears the end of its life, which is why lenders do not consider them suitable security. This means that if you are interested in buying a PRC house it must have been fully repaired and issued with a PRC repair Certificate proving that the required level of work has been carried out. Even if a property has been repaired, without a PRC certificate of proof, obtaining a mortgage will be virtually impossible.

Where work has been carried out but no certificate is present, it is possible to apply for a retrospective or replacement PRC certificate provided the repair work has been completed and carried out according to PRC scheme requirements. Most mortgage lenders will accept these.

Appointing an experienced RICS regulated chartered surveyor to carry out a RICS Home Survey Level Three will give you an in-depth understanding of the construction and structural integrity of the property you are interested in.

We cannot confirm if any of the Orlit properties at Hunters Hill have been repaired or not, as most have rendered exteriors which hides the original PRC panels, (apart from the odd property finished in red brick).

You could try contacting Bury Metropolitan Borough Council to see if they have any records of repair or certification, either by phoning them or submitting a Freedom of Information Request through the Whatdotheyknow website.

Let us know how you get on. 




I have just completed a Freedom of Information Request and forwarded it to Bury Council for you. We should have an answer within about 20 days or sooner, fingers crossed.

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Community 3 Tormay84 Topic starter 31 May 2024 11:55 AM

@nsh-team thank you so much! When I contacted Bury they couldn’t share due to data protection so I requested the seller try to find this out and as yet have not got anything back. Didn’t think of a FOI request! Thanks again Victoria