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Identification Possible Trusteel MK2 but with uncommon variations?

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Hi All,

I'm in the processing of purchasing a house near Andover which I believe could be a Trusteel MK2. This based on:

  • date of construction (1950)
  • is known to be steel-framed
  • semi-detached
  • looks an awful lot like pictures of Trusteel MK2 semi-detached homes as presented on this site
  • a brief glance in poor lighting from a distance at the roofing steelwork in the attic


I have been in contact with Alex from Structural Repairs Ltd with regards to inspections and structural changes who highlighted two details that seem uncommon to Trusteel MK2 houses:

  • stanchions running up between windows, as opposed to a single large opening per window
  • skeiling ceilings


I have at present only the pictures provided by the estate agent and no pictures of the attic space. I hope to get some pictures of the attic space in the next week or two.

Would anyone be able to ascertain from the below pictures whether the house definitely is or isn't a Trusteel MK2. If inconclusive (which I strongly suspect) I'd appreciate suggestions of what else I could take photos of that might help.

I have included pictures of both the front and back of the property and internal pictures demonstrating the stanchions between windows and the skeiling ceiling upstairs.




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Would need photos of steel work in roof space for further assessment


Hi Jon, I don't know if you have progressed any further with this property, but it is not unusual for there to be a vertical stanchion intersecting the windows of Trusteel properties.

I would say 99.9% that the property is a Trusteel MKII.

Different build areas deployed a number of different window configurations, including many without the vertical stanchion running up through the window opening.