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Identification Trusteel MK2 or 3M?

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I've a structural engineer making a site visit and it might be helpful for him if I were able to give definite ID - is it Trusteel and is it MK2 or 3M- on our bungalow in St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire. This is with a view to reconfiguring the internal layout but am unsure as to whether there are any internal load bearing elements including the block built dividing walls. Apologies if this topic as already been dealt with; I couldn't find any specific answers to my Q re Trusteel bungalows.

bungalow roof rafters


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Hi Marc

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply to my question, and confirm my thoughts. I will share what might be points of interest as the refurb takes place. 

Cheers, Dodders.

Admin Admin 2 November 2022 12:22 PM

@dodders You're very welcome Dodders, glad to be of service.

I hope the survey goes well. 


Hello Dodders,

Thank you for supplying a photograph of the internal roof structure, as this really does aid identification, particularly in relation to steel constructions.

From your image I can say that your property appears to be a Trusteel MKII, due to the criss-cross lattice effect that's clearly visible in the centre section of the steel rafters. I think you will find that the internal walls are generally non loadbearing and your surveyor should be able o confirm this for you.

trusteel mk2 frame


The Trusteel 3M frame is quite different and devoid of lattice work, as shown below.


Here's just one example of a typical Trusteel MKII bungalow, but designs did vary somewhat, during their 20 year production period, between 1946 & 1966. 

There's a little more information available in our blog post HERE which you may find interesting.

Good luck with your project and please feel free to share any work you might undertake, as it always helps others facing similar steps.

Best Regards


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