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Identification Two NSC non-standard construction properties


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Hi All,

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I have two properties to identify and choose from. Both are confirmed as NSC non-standard construction.

Property1 - from initial investigation it looks like a concrete prefabs. Property owned by a housing association to meet the needs of local miners. In the area I can see a number of houses with the same facade (a red horizontal stripe) indicating the same developer. This property is owned by Nottingham Community Housing Association Ltd. I have checked the interactive map for Mansfield

but the closest identified is Remma in Forest Town. I have checked the remaining ones in Mansfield but none of them resemble the below construction. I have also checked the two Nottingham-non-trads spreadsheets but I don't see anything for that street.

After more research I found this: Bolsover Colliery Company set out to design and build under architect Percy Bond Houfton the New Clipstone Village, consisting of 648 dwellings. This could be one of them but this "village" consists of similarly looking buildings but some are brick some are concrete (some said prefabs) so not sure which ones are older or they built them at the same time using two different materials.

Percy Bond Houfton lived between 1874 – 1926 and was responsible for a number of model villages in this mining region so it could be a century old building.

Property2 - looks newish but after conversation with the vendor it was an Airey house built after 2WW in the 1952. Later in the 80-ties some grants allowed for conversion and some steel framework and concrete has been introduced, not sure about the outer brickwork added to the structure but it looks a more recent renovation.

Which property would you vote for?

Please advise.

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