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Identification What type of build is this, I cannot find anything online? I am thinking about buying this house this year?

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Hi, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone can help me? I will have to make one of the biggest decisions in my life soon and before I do, I am trying to gather as much information as I can.

Me and my mother have been living inside this nonstandard construction house for 23 years. Up until recently, I did not know that this house could not be mortgaged because of the type of house it is. I have found out that this building was built around 1930 (I have found some old historical maps which show the house planning from 1927. Another house down our street has recently gone up for sale this month and the description mentions that it is a 1930s house but that does not seem to be a nonstandard build. We are the only house down our street with a nonstandard build) and in another 6 more years, it will turn 100 years old which is mind boggling to me because I thought the life expectancy for nonstandard construction houses was 25-40 years (as I read online somewhere)?

Over the 23 years of living here ever since I was very very very young, it is owned by our local council and we have rented it from them ever since. Over the past 10 years, we have started to see the house deteriorate with many cracks appearing on the external rendering, many cracks on the internal walls and the front of the house has had a major leaking problem for years with water getting through above the windows (we have only recently fixed it without the councils help because they have been useless) - the house gets battered every year during winter because the house is built in the countryside. Ever since we have lived here, it has not been renovated or re-rendered. It is the same rendering from when we first moved in 23 years ago. We have been battling with our local council over the past few years to get them to try to fix the house (since it is theirs after all), but we have a very strong feeling that they want to kick us out and move us somewhere else. They recently came to our house and took pictures of every room and the damage to value the property. They are most likely going to come back to us to tell us that the cost to repair the house will cost too much because apparently to render the external part of this house, could cost £10,000+?

The house itself is on a very big plot of land, it has two front gardens separated by a 2 car driveway (if you was to pave over the gardens, you could probably fit 6-7 cars on the front), it has a large garage and the back garden is very big too. The back garden has been gated off halfway down and was taken over by our older neighbours before we moved in. The older people who lived here before us, could not cope with the size of the garden so their next door neighbours at the time took over it. Would there be any chance that we could get this part of the garden back does anyone know? Our current next door neighbours that moved in 11 years ago purchased their side for £60,000 (going from the landregistry gov website). Is that how much this house would be valued at, although it is bigger than their side (1 extra bedroom, 1 extra bathroom, 1 extra downstairs room etc.)?

The house appears to be fully concrete, but I cannot find any kind of metals inside the concrete from the holes I can find inside the house? I believe that the precast reinforced concrete has steel inside of it that can rust? How can I determine whether the walls of this house have steel inside them? The chimney stack internally is completely concrete and the external view of the chimneys above the roof is also concrete. When looking at the house from outside, you can see the concrete foundation coming through in a triangular shape leading up to the walls. I have read somewhere that it could be a 'Parkinson' frame house?

My plan is to be able to purchase this house and convert it into a standard build brick house to get a PRC certificate. I believe to convert a non traditional house into a traditional one could cost up to £90,000 and that we would have to move out for 3 months? Does anyone have any idea on how much it would cost to do something like this? What does the £90,000 include, just having it bricked up with a 1st floor? Does that mean I would need my own plumbers/electricians to come in and finish the house off or is that part of the £90,000? Can I take out a mortgage/loan with my bank for the £90,000 to have this massive job done? Also, if my neighbours did not want to convert their side into a standard build house, does that mean I would not be able to do it because it would mean my side of the house being completely knocked down? Could I convert my side of the house to a standard build even if my neighbour did not want to? I do not plan on selling this house after I buy/convert it, this will be my forever house and will be passed onto my children for when I have them in future and I die. This house has so much potential and I will never be able to buy/afford a plot of land like this anywhere else, especially the way house pricing is going these days.

Pictures can be found here:

Thank you for reading, if you need anymore information then please just ask and I appreciate any type of help I will receive.


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Hello Daniel, thank you for posting an interesting case and additional background details.

Before I make comment, I would like to conduct a council records search, but in order to do that, I would need the properties postcode and street name.

If you don't want to post the exact location here on the public forum, feel free to email the details to