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Identification What type of house construction is this?


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I would like to know if anybody can help me with identifying the construction type and detail of the Lockner Road Estate in London:

Really appreciate your help with this.

Thank you!



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Hello Theodoritos, 

Unfortunately my research and experience is limited to dwelling houses and not low or high rise flats, but hopefully one of our members or new visitors to the site may be able to assist you.

From my archives, I can see that Dorset Court at least, was built in 1971.

I do have some reference books regarding certain low rise flats but it will take me some time to review these, in the hope that one publication at least might have a reference to these flats.

Thank you very much for your answer!

Would you be able to please share from which source you were able to find out about the construction date of Dorset Court?

It is indeed a low rise building (4 storeys), my guess is that it is a outer brick leaf cavity wall with interior block work, but I would like to hear a more experienced opinion.

Many thanks in the meantime!


You're very welcome Theodoritos.

I think you might well be on the right track regarding the construction method.

I've attached my source document at the end of this post as requested.

I hope it will assist you further in your enquiries. It might be worthwhile sending a Freedom of Information request to Hackney council, requesting any detail they might hold on these properties.

You can write to their FOI officer directly or simply use the Whatdotheyknow website which makes requesting very simple, but the result you receive will be publicly viewable.

I can see that somebody made a request for information of all the councils non-standard housing stock back in 2017, but the Council rather unusually replied asking for the senders full name. Unfortunately the sender did not follow up the request, so I will probably make a new request myself for our local authority property listings.

Here's the original request, but you may need to register to view the reply.

Best regards