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Identification [Solved] What type pf house is mine? Where can i find the original plans?

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I own a steel framed house built in 1955 in Plymouth on a road called Montacute avenue. I'm looking to extend my house but would like to see the original plans or at least know how my house is constructed before we start knocking stuff down so i dont come across any nasty surprises. would anybody be able to help me? 

Thank you in advance.


pic of the house attached.

House Front


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Your house is a British Iron & Steel Federation, steel framed house, commonly referred to as a BISF house. 
Many people have successfully extend their BISF properties, but note that some  local planning departments/ building control teams, may put stipulations in place regarding the removal or replacement of the buildings steel stanchions, which run vertically from floor to eaves level beside each widow and door opening.

There should be quite a bit of information regarding BISF Houses on this website which you should find useful.

Just  type 'BISF House' into the search bar in the top right corner of this website. if using a desktop or laptop). That allows you to search through the sites blog posts, instead of just the forums.

You could always try searching the forums too.

Good luck.

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crvb1992 crvb1992 Topic starter 16 September 2022 12:32 PM

@daveb appreciate the reply dave thank you.

im just looking for pictures of what the rear on the steel frame will look like so i can kind of plan ahead. im happy to put steels in or an RSJ to support the structure but obviously wont know what to expect until i take the back of the house off. 

David B David B 16 September 2022 5:04 PM

Hi CRVB, I've found a few images from the site that you may find useful. If I see any more, I'll let you know.

bisf outer wall structure (24)
bisf outer wall structure (13)
bisf beam
optimised bisf house frame (5) 200214043429
optimised bisf house frame (2) 200214043354
bisf outer wall structure (5)
bisf elevations
Add Watermark20200213012413 (2)
1st Floor Section above door2
1st Floor Section above door
Back section4
House Constructions 7
Back section3
Back section2
Back section1
Archticts House
Back section