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Identification Which type of TruSteel is this house?

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Thank you for the website and detailed articles, they are extremely helpful. I am looking to purchase a property and upon viewing was advised it is a Steel Frame construction. Enquiring further, the Estate Agent advised it is a 'TruSteel' construction house, but neither they or the sellers are able to advise which type it is (3M or MKII). They have advised they think it was constructed in/around 1966, which would put it around the cutover date I've seen on yours and other websites for the MKII and 3M type. So far, they have not been able to provide a photo of the roof structure which should help to identify it.

Please could you assist with identifyign which house type it is and any other details about it from your knowledge and records?

The postcode of the property is TA1 4JF. I have also attached 3x photos of the property to help aid identification:

Img 2022 10 30 09 17 56
Img 2022 10 30 09 17 31



Something I found confusing was when looking at your website, the same house is pictured on both MKII and 3M TruSteel pages that looked similar to the one I am enquiring on:

Both pages display the same house (see below image) in the pictures, however it is labelled '3M' on the TruSteel 3M page... 


Thanks in advance for your time and let me know if I can provide any further info. 

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Hi Pagey, thank you for providing the postcode and images, it's a great help. I've taken a good look and I'm pretty confident that what you have there is Trusteel 3M.

I've grabbed a screenshot of the neighbouring property which I will post below, along with a stock image of a Trusteel 3M. The reason I chose a neighbouring property, is because it is devoid of the chimney stack on the gable end wall, which curiously, some of the houses have, and some do not.

trusteel 3m wide
Trusteel 3M

I did also undertake a quick search through my archives of all Non-Traditional housing stock held by Taunton Deane Council, but as of 07/2017 they were not showing any Trusteel properties at this location. This could mean that all were sold under the Right to Buy Scheme, or they were constructed privately, outside the ownership of Taunton Deane District Council.

I have just created a Google Map, containing the Non-Trad data. I added to a blog post which you can view using the link at the bottom of the page.

Thank you also for informing me about the Trusteel Image confusion between between build types. I'll take a look into that as soon as I get the the chance.

I hope this helps and good luck in your venture. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask away.



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ruSteel is this house?