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Question Advice on buying a steel framed house?

My husband and I recently got an offer accepted on a house near Cambridge (built in 2011). Our survey and valuation was supposed to be today but the inspector was unable to do it because apparently it’s a steel frame house (we’d had no idea) and thus requires a Level 3 survey.

We’ve done a bit of research today and are concerned we might need to back out of the sale. Does anyone here have a steel frame house or know about this issue? Did you struggle to get a mortgage / remortgage / sell down the line? Did your house depreciate in value?

How do we go about finding out what type of steel frame it’s made of? It’s not a cheap pre-fab house (£325K with seemingly decent construction, brick overlay, built in 2011, no asbestos roof) so I would hope it’s of good quality and the only issue would be misconceptions by the surveyor. 

We’ve seen a TON of conflicting information online and don’t want to go through with a Level 3 survey if this is a totally lost cause or will cause us undue pain whenever we want to remortgage.

Thanks in advance, we’re unsure of what to do, don’t want to miss out on our dream home but also don’t want to get saddled with something that will be impossible to sell in 10 years. 

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