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Question Buying a BISF house, does it need a PRC guarantee?

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I'm currently looking at a BISF house (bridgend, south wales) and my mortgage company will lend but want to know if it, and the adjoining house, has a PRC guarantee.. i've asked the estate agent who is looking into to but what is it? and how would I find out? 




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Hi Lauren, first we need to establish that the property is indeed a BISF house, built by the British Iron & Steel Federation and not a different form of Non-Standard or Non-Traditional construction.

A BISF House itself does not need a PRC certificate because it was not constructed for Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete (PRC) nor does it require any other form of repair certificate.

The only properties that do require repair certificates are a number of different property types that were designated as defective under housing defects legislation. These properties are only considered mortgageable if they have been repaired under a government approved repair scheme for which a certificate of repair is/was issued.

There are occasions when a surveyors wrongly identify a construction type as being of PRC or defective construction. This information is then passed on to the mortgage provider who in turn requests a repair certificate.
This leads me to the assumption that your property could possibly be: 
(1)A PRC constructed house.
(2) A wrongly classified house.
(3) The lender assumes that the house is of a type listed on the defective property register.

Can you provide the postcode of the property or the postcode of a nearby street containing identical properties in order to rule some of these assumptions out please?

I am aware of a number of BISF properties in the St Illtyds Road area.


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Further to my last, I've just noticed your previous thread post that was awaiting moderation and I can confirm that the property does appear to be a BISF House and therefore does not require a certificate.

I'm going to merge the two topics into one here to keep things simple.

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I'm on a desperate house hunt with a limited budget and Im viewing this one tomorrow


I believe it's a BISF house as the address is listed on this site (St Illtyds Rd, Bridgend) 
I dont really know anything about it yet but I am slightly worried! It looks like its had work done as its been cladded and new doors/windows.

What sort of things should I look out for or ask about? 
Will a steel frame house be cold?

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Hi and thankyou! I relayed on the info to my mortgage company and they were happy to go ahead.

Unfortunately someone came in and offered a cash prince (3 hours after it went on the market) which has been accepted 🙁    Although it does make me suspicious when someone takes the first offer knowing they had viewings booked in all week... maybe I dodged a bullet.

Thankyou anyway though, there are alot of those type of properties in this area so it might still be useful!

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You're welcome Lauren, I was just in the middle of composing a rather lengthy reply so thank you for letting me know as I can now let my typing fingers rest for a while. ? 

Just for info, if you do consider a BISF in the area in the future, try to see if you can purchase one that has already been externally insulated. They are far better thermally and it will save you from splashing out to have it installed later as EWI costs appear to be on the rise.

Good luck with your house hunt!

Best regards


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