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BISF Close to completion on BISF house

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  • Hi everyone 

so I’m moving back to uk from Europe after 7 years away and have an agreed sale at 75k on a BISF house…I only found out it was a BISF house when I asked the estate agent if they knew year of build for Buildings Insurance purposes. The agent asked the vendor who didn’t know year of build but said it was a steel framed house.

since then I have been on a crash course of discovery and found this website and read through many articles and forum posts and replies and I have found this website and it’s contributors absolute invaluable…Thankyou ❤️

The reason I know it’s a BISF house is through reading Marc’s ID articles  and one contributor here lives on the same crescent 😀

The house has been upgraded with new roof and pvc double glazing and patio doors and new roof on the lobby and recent gas central heating boiler. 

I don’t think I can go far wrong and was going to buy without a survey…

the house was bought on a right to buy 20 plus years ago and the council transferred their remaining housing stock to agencies in 2008.


I think the ‘level 3’ survey I have booked is unlikely to investigate the only 2 points I’d like to know about namely the stanchions either end of the gable wall at the bottom.

How do I go about approaching the vendor to ask if the surveyor could make a borehole to put a camera in…? 

And how do I offer to pay for the repair of the borehole before I’ve completed the transaction? Does the surveyor do this and then bill me for the repair…?

Or am I just best to go with my gut instinct that this is a really good buy and look at the stanchions when it’s mine ? 


(if I was the vendor I know I wouldn’t agree to the render being stripped back and I’d probably be reluctant to have boards removed…I might agree to a borehole and camera) 

hope this post makes sense…it’s my first post 



Posted : 17 May 2023 8:02 PM
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Hi - could you please send the link to Marc's ID articles? Many thanks

Posted : 25 June 2023 1:24 PM