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Insurance BISF - concrete, steel frame or prefab-noncombustible.

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I've seen a few bits on the forum but I know the industry changes quite a lot. I'm getting my BISF house in the next couple of weeks and an insurance company wanted to list it as concrete, however I was under the impression that prefab-non combustible defines it better. Concrete is a lot cheaper but surely that doesn't work if the walls are steel and cladding.



Posted : 1 March 2022 10:53 AM
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@rubyhollebon Hi Reuben, it appears your question was missed or overlooked a good while back. I hope you managed to get it sorted.
If the house is a steel framed, no brick refurbished BISF house, then you are 100% correct, It should be classed as Prefabricated, non-combustible, not concrete. Incorrect classification can cause serious issues, including refusal to payout in the event of claim.


Posted : 13 November 2022 11:48 PM