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Roof and Ceiling Joist Positions in BISF House?

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Does anyone know the reason why the joists run side to side in a BISF house?
I always thought the standard was front to back?
I'm also looking for a picture showing the location of the steels if anyone has one?


Posted : 6 November 2013 5:12 PM
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It looks as though the hole has been covered in plasterboard or something white as there would have been no floorboards there originally.

Correct, Ive added in floor boards in there now which are a different colour to the standard ones

Also you can see that the beam that goes down the centre of the room looks as though it lines up with the vertical steel above the middle of the window.

It does indeed

.What is that between the vertical steel stanchions in the window wall just below ceiling height? I never found anything like that. Is it some insulation you've put in?Ed

Yeah thats insulation from the bedroom, I originally started out on a "room by room" approach and started in the first bedroom following the method you chose in your pictures/how to, so this is how far the celotex goes down- it hits the steal beam that supports the lowest part of the external cladding. Due to this it actually doesn't make much different which way around you start the first layer of internal insulation as you can only go up so far and its far easier pushing the celoxex down the cavity than it would be pushing up from below (which is near enough impossible)

Posted : 18 November 2013 12:37 AM
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that's perfect! this has turned into a very informative thread! Smile

Posted : 18 November 2013 7:46 PM
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No, each timber noggin is separate. It's notched at the top and bottom so it fits into the I beam. If you took the floorboards and ceiling off you would be able to slide them backwards and forward along the steels.

Posted : 6 March 2018 6:53 PM
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