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Metal Framed Steel Frame House Stafford, Where to Start?

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We are interested in buying a detached house in Gnosall, Stafford and have been told it is of steel construction. From speaking to a RICS surveyor and her just glancing on line, she says it looks like it has brick and not cladding on the outside.

Estate agents say it was built in the 70's. Surveyor has suggested a structural survey with boroscope, but the couple of engineers I have tried have said they don't do them and can't recommend an engineer that can.

We would need to also go through a side wall into the garage to create a shortcut to a toilet for my 93 year old Mum, but we don't know how to find out how far apart upright steels would be and whether this would be possible.

Does anyone know how far apart the steels would be placed?

Is a building of this age likely to have corrosion?

Please can anyone give me some advice on where to start?

We really like the house, we don't need a mortgage, but understand it may be harder to sell on, but also don't want to see problems that may not be there.

Many thanks

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Hi i have viewed a couple of properties in gnosall by stafford, roof trusses are in good condition, but upright supports are a big unknown and i have yet to find anyone willing to let me drill and boroscope the bottom sections of columns. A number of the properties trusteel built have been chemically insulated at some point and i have yet to find out if this promotes rusting or not? such a shame as houses are loverly