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Leeds City Council - Airey House Swarcliffe PRC Repair Scheme Certificates Licence 33

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It would appear, that in 1984, a number of council owned Airey PRC properties, were subjected to repair in order to meet the recommendations containing within the housing defects legislation of 1984/85.

On September 12th 2022, the following Freedom of Information Request was sent to Leeds City Council.

Original F.O.I Request

Dear Leeds City Council,

Please provide a copy of the repair certificate for [Redacted for Privacy] Stanks Rise, LS14 5PY which was originally of Airey construction type and designated defective in Part XVI of the 1985 Housing Act.
I believe the house was repaired in 1984 under the Leeds City Council repair scheme (PRC Homes Ltd licence no. 033) and was issued a certificate by Leeds City Council confirming the house was repaired. This certificate may have been issued in 2008, as that is the case for neighbouring properties.

Yours faithfully,

The response from Leeds City Council Was as Follows:


  • Property: Stanks Rise, LS14 5PY (“the property”)
  • Owner (at date of repair): Department of Housing Works: Repair of Pre-fabricated Reinforced Concrete ‘Airey’ House
  • Date of Works Completed: September 1984

Works were carried out in accordance with the drawings and specifications and the other requirements to the Leeds System 1, Airey House Repair Scheme, PRC License No. 33, (“the Repair System”) devised by Leeds City Council’s former Department of Public Works.

The remedial repairs carried out as part of the Works replaced certain concrete and structural elements and external cladding panels with traditional construction block and brickwork cavity wall.

The property is also classified as NTHAS Category 4; we can also confirm that the adjoining property, was repaired at the same time by Leeds City Council, to the same specification and is also classified as NTHAS Category 4.

The Repair specification put in place by the Council was that a full repair was carried out with the exception of the internal spine wall. The Council no longer holds any records in relation to whether inspections of the Works were made at the appropriate stages by Technical Officers of the City Council, and cannot therefore confirm that the Works were completed to the Repair System standard.

Please note that the Works carried out by the Council are not licenced or covered against any past, present or future failure either by insurance or otherwise. The Council does not make any representation of [sic] give any assurance, guarantee or warranty in respect of the works that were carried out, or their adequacy, nor in relation to any maintenance or other past works carried out by or on behalf of the Council to the Property.

As the owner or prospective purchaser/s of the property, you should take all necessary steps which you feel appropriate in order to satisfy yourself of the condition of the property. It is therefore recommended that you obtain your own independent professional structural survey or other specialist reports upon the property, the results of which you and/or any prospective buyer/mortgage lender should rely upon.


POSITION Head of Building Control Service