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In-Situ Concrete Reema Hollow panel survey and buying advice needed

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Hi everyone, this is SUCH a useful site, so thanks to everyone for their generosity on here! I've fallen in love with an ex-council ground floor flat which according to the FOI-released database of Bristol City Council housing stock by ward, can only be either a Reema or a Cornish. It's definitely not a Cornish, so that narrows it down to the 3 types of Reema. I have managed to find out the year it was built (from the Council records), which was 1955. So, I am assuming it MUST be Hollow Panel, since Conclad and Contrad were not built that early. Is that a reasonable assumption?

The estate agent had not done this research, so my offer based on a provisional mortgage was accepted. Since this news means I can't get a mortgage, the seller is now looking to sell for cash. I am considering raising the cash to buy the property, but of course I'm concerned it may have structural issues or develop them in the years to come.

So I'd be super grateful for some advice on what specialist surveys I will need, and how to find the right person to do them. I have also been advised there is likely asbestos in there, since there is in the flat above, so I understand I'll need a specialist asbestos survey done. It has some sort of plastic-like cladding on the outside. I will need to test for concrete cancer, right? Anything else I should be aware of?

And I guess in general -- am I mad to consider buying this place? Do they tend to be baking hot in summer, freezing in winter? Tendency to damp? Any issues with renting it out if my circumstances change?

It's pretty much perfect in other ways, so I'm looking for advice, warnings, and encouragement I guess! First time buyer on the route to adoption, on a budget, so I need to think carefully.

Many many thanks to all of you for reading!


All best


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Hi Alice,

Did you ever get any useful reply to your questions?  I am currently researching for similar questions regarding Reema Hollow Panel and have similar questions.


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I have just purchased a Reema hollow panel bungalow in stroud i am interested to know the way forward to get a PRC certificate

I am thinking of doing the works to brick or block up on the exterior with a 100mm cavity filled with insulation

Looking at various ways of getting this done any help out there ??

would also like to see some diagrams of typical construction- does this system have any internal leaf or is it just the hollow panel??????

any help or guidance welcome