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Oliwood Concrete duo slab 1930s Newcastle  

By Oliwood, 2 days ago

  Hi, I have recently bought my first home a concrete duo slab construction for the 1930s. I can’t find much about this type of construction online and want to find more about how to improve insulation....
Adriana1 RE: Reema hollow panel surveyor/advisor required.  

By Adriana1, 3 days ago

  Ah i see I brought this at auction on the 22/8 it’s in Woodchester is it the same one you were looking at????
Dappers RE: Reema hollow panel surveyor/advisor required.  

By Dappers, 4 days ago

  Hey Adriana We had appointment to view but it sold before we got there. There is very little info available but I guess it doesn't matter for us now. Hope you find the info you need somewhere. Che...
bbazz1888 RE: Unity Precast Concrete Properties  

By bbazz1888, 4 days ago

  @nsh-team I think that's where we are at. I don't believe the council had solved the problems with this construction. There is a house 3 doors up that is being corrected at the moment. However, the b...
Admin RE: Unity Precast Concrete Properties  

By Admin, 4 days ago

  @bbazz1888 Hi Bbazz, there are a number of different PRC repair companies online, that might be willing to take on your project. Try searching for PRC repair in Google, as there are several such compa...
Admin Answer to: Scotish PRC legislation  

By Admin, 7 days ago

  Hi Serlina, on the 30th of July 2018 the Scottish Government repealed the defective designation legislation, under section 99 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014. You can find further information HERE ...
Admin Answer to: How do I improve insulation?  

By Admin, 1 week ago

  Hello David, and welcome. The original design of the Trusteel 5M incorporated Mineral wool blanket insulation, approx 1½" thick in the cavity. It was no thicker than this, as the cavity must be kept o...
Admin Answer to: Can I get a PRC certificate without a rebuild?  

By Admin, 1 week ago

  @Jessica96 Sorry to hear you're having issues with your properties PRC certificate. I'm also surprised to hear that your local council has stated that they have no record of the repairs that were unde...
Admin Answer to: Trusteel MK2 or 3M?  

By Admin, 1 week ago

  Hello Dodders, Thank you for supplying a photograph of the internal roof structure, as this really does aid identification, particularly in relation to steel constructions. From your image I can say t...
Dodders Trusteel MK2 or 3M?  

By Dodders, 1 week ago

  I've a structural engineer making a site visit and it might be helpful for him if I were able to give definite ID - is it Trusteel and is it MK2 or 3M- on our bungalow in St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire. T...
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