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BISF and Riley Homes Receive Makeover Newall Green

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BISF and Riley Homes Receive Makeover

Parkway Green is delighted  with the results of external refurbishment of 251 non traditional steel frame homes.

External insulation work has was carried out on the BISF and Riley Homes in Newall Green. This will help customers to reduce fuel bills whilst improving the overall appearance of the area.

Before this work was carried out, the properties typically achieved an Energy Performance rating of D or E. Following the refurbishment work the properties all now achieved a C rating or above, meaning the properties are up to 30% more energy efficient.

The improvements have also taken the U value rating, from 2.0W/m m2k to 0.28W/m2k which is a saving of 148 kWh/m2 per year - which can equate to a saving of more than £300 on the yearly energy bill. As a result, it also means that each household's carbon emissions could potentially be reduced by 2 tonnes per year.

Contracts Manager at Parkway Green Vicky Finn said, "The aim of the scheme was to reduce unnecessary heat loss and condensation and prolong the external fabric of the buildings whilst looking after the environment and making the homes more aesthetically pleasing."

Kieren McDonnell, Operations Director at Jackson-Jackson & Sons Ltd said, "The outstanding appearance of the completed properties has given the estate a new lease of life and vastly improved the look of a whole community and Residents are already benefitting from decreased fuel consumption and warmer properties".

Alistair Dyson, Director of Michael Dyson Associates Ltd said, "The new cladding provides a weatherproof barrier that ensures the frame will continue to perform well for many years to come. It is estimated the environmental benefits from the reduced heating requirement will be a cumulative saving of around 45million tons of carbon emissions".


Do you live in one of the refurbished houses? Tell us what you think of the improvements!