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Carillion Energy Services deployed by Bristol City Council

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Carillion Energy Services were deployed by Bristol City Council to upgrade the thermal efficiency and aesthetics of BISF houses in Shirehampton primarily using the PermaRock system.

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PermaRock Mineral Fibre Insulated Render
System Finish:PermaRock Acrylic K1.5mm and Brick Effect Render Finishes

The Project:
Various types of work was undertaken to upgrade the thermal efficiency and aesthetics of these BISF Houses. The client wished to bring the houses U-values into line with current building regulations whilst giving the houses a more traditional look.

The existing cladding (upper floors) on the BISF properties was removed and replaced with 18 mm exterior grade plywood to create a surface suitable for the application of the PermaRock Insulated Render system.

Installing a PermaRock 60 mm Mineral Fibre Insulation System enabled the required U-value to be achieved and the use of a number of different finishes (Brick Effect Render & K Finish) helped provide the upgraded aesthetic appearance which was being sought. New windows, canopies, downpipes and gutters were also installed.

The insulated render system was also chosen for its noise reduction properties as the houses lie very close to a busy motorway.


PermaRock Brochure PermaRockMineralFibreSystemBrochure