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About to buy a BISF home - Help?

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I have just has my offer on a BISF  'Scotswood'  home accepted.

The lady who lives there moved in in 1947 and has done little or no renovation since!   Obviously, a full builders's survey is scheduled, but I would welcome advice please.  We are particularly anxious about fire-proofing (my work colleague lives on the same estate and her home burned down a month ago!).  Also, any ideas on insurance, cost of installing kitchens, central heating, etc.  (I am new to this!).  Thank you.  So pleased to find this site.

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Hello AnnBee
Warmest of welcomes and glad to hear that your offer has been accepted!
Firstly your BISF House has no higher a risk from fire than any other standard house, so in itself it is not a fire risk. However not all BISF houses have a fire stop between the adjoining wall to the next property or inside the loft. Many properties were updated by local Councils in the 80's and your surveyor should be able to tell you if a fire stop is present.
Insurance should not be a problem, many owners use Santander and they seem to be pretty reasonable but saying that I have heard of some high quotes recently for new customers. Just remember to state that the property has prefabricated non-combustible interior walls.
Costs for insurance does vary though depending on the area.

As for your friends house, was the damage extensive? Do they know where the fire started and do you have any images of the exterior damage as this is an area that we are still researching.

Kitchen and central heating costs should be the same as a standard house and as a very rough guess I would expect about £3k-£3.5k for the heating.

I hope this helps