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Timber Framed Caspon Timber Framed House

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Caspon Timber Framed House

  • Manufacturer: J L Spooner Hull Ltd
  • Designer: D.C.H Jenkin
  • Type: Timber Framed
  • Number Built:5,500
  • Alt Name: Minster, Spooner-Caspon
  • Build Period: 1964-80

The Caspon Timber framed house was built in Great Britain between 1964 and 1980.
The rather bland styling of this 60's era construction is typical of the era.
Windows were generally undersized, particularly at first floor level which did little to illuminate the interior space. Despite being considered radical and modern in the 1960's, the design soon fell out of favour in the early 1980's when housing demand shifted toward more traditional styling. The advent of UPVC double glazing further fuelled the desire for larger window apertures.

Due to the limited build quantity of this construction, resource material is scarce and difficult to locate. If you hold any further detail regarding these properties, please share the information in the comments below or kindly contact us at so that we may improve the content of this listing.

Identifying Features.
Buillt as 2-storey semi-detached and terraced houses with medium pitch gable or monopitch roof, covered with concrete tiles.
The external walls were constructed of brick throughout, or up to first floor level where tile hanging and feature panels of horizontal timber boarding were fixed above.
Typically a flat canopy was above front door.

Survey Notes: 
Localised decay of timber window frames.
Decay of chipboard flooring noted.
Decay of first floor joists noted.
Corrosion of foil-backing to plasterboard linings noted.

Caspon Timber Framed house

Caspon Construction

Substructure: The house is built atop concrete strip footings and brick under building incorporating a DPC.

External walls:
Consisting of a platform frame construction with storey height timber frame panels overlaid externally with bituminous felt and clad separately with brick up to
the first floor level and tile hanging on timber battens
above. Interior wall Lined with foil-backed plasterboard. Mineral fibre insulation was fitted between timber frame studs.
Separating wall: Timber frame cavity wall backed with
fibreboard and lined with plasterboard. The cavity is filled with concrete.

Partitions: Timber stud lined with plasterboard.
Ground floor: Constructed from concrete.
First floor: Consists of chipboard on timber joists.
Ceilings: Plasterboard.
Roof: Timber trusses, bituminous felt and concrete tiles. Mineral fibre insulation at ceiling level.

External walls separately clad with brick throughout.
Upper storey external wall feature panels directly clad
with horizontal timber boarding or later UPVC panels.
Concrete ground floor sometimes incorporates electric heating elements

Grosmont Terrace Leeds

Resource Files.

PDF File - Survey of Damaged Caspon House.