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Timber Framed List of Timber Framed Non-Traditional Houses by Build Type

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A list of Timber Framed buildings and their corresponding B.R.E (Building Research Establishment) reference number.

The B.R.E produce printed reports for some of these builds, copies of which can be purchased direct from the B.R.E website.

Ref No    :   Name    /    No. Built
T001 Aberdeen Corporation: 40
T002 Anchor 12M: 1300
T003 Andover 
T004 Anvil: 850
T005 Appleyard
T006 Arbor: 1000
T007 Arcal Timber Frame: 100
T008 Arrowtrim
T009 Bennett
T010 Boro
T011 Boulton & Paul
T012 Bricket Wood Special: 4
T013 Bullock
T014 Bur-Pal
T015 Burt Boulton
T016 Calder: 600
T017 Caldervale/ No: 10
T018 Calverley Type I: 300
T019 Calverley Type II :200
T020 Cameron: 200
T021 Canadian Demonstration Homes: 6
T022 Canadian Timber Type I: 90
T023 Caspon: 500
T024 Cedar Homes
T025 Cedarworth Homes
T026 Celtic Homes
T027 Challow
T028 Colt
T029 Cowieson: 5500
T030 Czechoslovakian Timber: 10
T031 Devon Lady
T032 Edgell
T033 Eklectron
T034 Elementhus
T035 Elsworthy: 500
T036 Engineered Homes 800
T037 Eurodean: 600
T038 Facta: 1700
T039 Faculty
T040 Federated System: 6
T041 Flexi
T042 Fontaberry
T043 Forfar Borough: 100
T044 Frameform: 13000
T045 Fredericks Cedarwood
T046 Fredericks Frame System: 50
T047 G Block Watne: 750
T048 Goldcrest
T049 Grenfell Baines: 2
T050 Grove Homes
T051 Guildway: 3200
T052 Hall: 350
T053 Hallam Mk I & Mk II: 2500
T054 Hallam Mk III: 8000
T055 Hallam Volumetric: 2000
T056 Harvey Frame
T057 Hertfordshire County Council: 20
T058 Hultsfreds
T059 Humphreys: 50
T060 Jackson:180
T061 Jansel
T062 Jicwood Temporary Bungalow
T063 Ketton: 5
T064 Kier BDC
T065 Lanark County Council: 60
T066 Langlands Bungalow: 20
T067 Langlands Mansard: 2
T068 Langlands Terrazzo: 2
T069 Langlands Type N2: 2
T070 Lawrence: 4
T071 LCC Mobile
T072 Linton
T073 Liverpool Special
T074 Lovell: 2000
T075 Macrae: 450
T076 Macrae Plus: 200
T077 Mactrad 3200 (includes rationalised traditional dwellings of the same name)
T078 Maple Leaf: 8
T079 McAlpine: 2
T080 McDonald: 1000
T081 Medway Type I
T082 Medway Type II: 420
T083 MeTraTim: 420
T084 Meyer: 360
T085 MHC: 11,000 (including rationalised traditional houses)
T086 Miller: 3500
T087 Minox: 2250 (includes rationalised traditional houses)
T088 Moelven Brug
T089 MOHLG: 180
T090 Multicom: 4500
T091 Multigrid: 5000
T092 Newcastle Corporation: 100
T093 Nokkelhus
T094 Norwegian Log
T095 Peak Homes
T096 Perren: 1
T097 Prestoplan: 400
T098 Purpose Built Type I: 1500
T099 Purpose Built Type II: 1000
T100 Puutalo
T101 Quikbild: 12,000
T102 Reeves Frame: 400
T103 Resiform: 1800
T104 Rileyform: 3200
T105 RMR: 240
T106 Rowcon Type I: 1700
T107 Rowcon Type II: 1700
T108 Scano Type I: 4
T109 Scano Type II: 2
T110 Scano Type III: 700
T111 Scotlog
T112 Scottwood: 1500
T113 Seco Temporary Bungalow: 29,000
T114 Segal
T115 Shepherd: 100
T116 Sherwood: 40
T117 Silksworth: 1700
T118 Simms C-DA: 2200
T119 Simms Sons & Cooke SWPA: 150
T120 Simms Sons & Cooke: 1500
T121 Solid Cedar: 600
T122 Spooner: 4800
T123 Spooner Temporary Bungalow: 2000
T124 SSHA: 600
T125 Swedish Timber: 4500
T126 Swift
T127 Swiftplan Multiflex H12: 100
T128 Terrapin   / No : 6
T129 TRADA Type I: 7
T130 TRADA Type II: 2000
T131 Trybo: 200
T132 Unicorn: 15
T133 Unit System 67: 700
T134 USA Temporary Bungalow
T135 Wates: 5000
T136 Weir Postwar: 3000
T137 Weir Prewar: 1700
T138 Wellbuilt
T139 YDG
T140 Yorkshire Timber Frame
T141 Young Elizabethan
T142 Youngman
T143 Yuill: 500
AT001 Anchor 600
AT002 Anchor Modular
AT004 Aspect
AT005 Austin Hall
AT006 Avonside
AT007 B & J
AT008 Barratt
AT009 Bayley Bartlett
AT010 Bigland & Mowat
AT011 Bradley
AT012 Brims
AT013 Brown of Wem
AT014 Bruce
AT015 Build Form
AT016 Canadian Timber Type II
AT017 Contrad
AT018 Cosmos
AT019 Cuckow
AT020 Cuyper
AT021 Daleholme
AT022 Domus
AT023 ECP Modular
AT024 Elliott
AT025 Essihus
AT026 Factrad
AT027 Farquahar
AT028 Finnish Timber
AT029 Fleming
AT030 Formula
AT031 Forth
AT032 Framecourt
AT033 Fraser & McDonald
AT034 Fribohus
AT035 Gart
AT036 Glasgow Corporation
AT037 Goldenhomes
AT038 Grange
AT039 GrayNo : 21
AT040 Grayholme
AT041 GT
AT042 HeathNo : 1
AT043 Highland Tain
AT044 Howard Mersham
AT045 Interbild
AT046 Janes
AT047 Kingston
AT048 Lawrence Building Co.
AT049 Leyland Industrial
AT050 Lisset
AT051 Lothian
AT052 Louden
AT053 Ludford
AT054 M & J
AT055 Mactaggart & Mickel
AT056 Marley
AT057 Maxim
AT058 McLean
AT059 Mears Cowlin
AT061 Mitchell
AT062 Module Two
AT063 Modumould
AT064 Multispan
AT065 Neata
AT066 New Trend
AT067 Nuway
AT068 Papworth Permanent Bungalow
AT069 Potton
AT070 Pratten
AT071 Pre-Cut Norwegian
AT072 Pyrocol
AT073 Ramsjo
AT074 Redifice Bungalow
AT075 Reid: 9
AT076 Rothwell-Perrin: 6
AT078 Ryedale
AT079 Salveson
AT080 Scan
AT081 Scanda Plan
AT082 Scandev
AT083 Scandia
AT084 Scansiv
AT085 Scansystem
AT086 Scotfast
AT087 Shaddow Wall: 100
AT088 Slingsby
AT089 Spacemaker Bungalow
AT090 Steinkjer
AT091 Stex
AT092 Supalite
AT093 Superhome
AT094 Surrey Grove
AT095 Sutherland
AT096 Swedale: 11
AT097 Systemac
AT098 Taygon
AT099 Thain Capital
AT101 Timber Frame (UK) Ltd
AT102 Timcon
AT103 Toogood
AT104 Trussit
AT105 Unicom: 140
AT106 Unistem
AT107 Unit
AT108 Variform
AT109 Varney
AT110 Waddington
AT111 Walemesh
AT112 Walker: 60
AT113 Wallis
AT114 Walton
AT115 Wellgrave
AT116 Western
AT117 Whatlings Redwood
AT118 Wilson
AT119 Woodclad

The reference numbers listed in front of each house type, is the B.R.E (Building Research Establishment) identification reference .
The B.R.E produce printed reports for some of these house types which can be purchased direct from the B.R.E website.