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A.J. Balfour Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers

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A J Balfour Associates250-approved (2)
Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers

A Practice of Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers based in Glasgow UK,
Providing innovative, sustainable and value engineering design solutions to a variety of clients in all sectors of the construction / building industry using Teamwork and Partnership.

Projects undertaken from inception, through all stages of design and construction to finalisation of accounts, statutory adoptions, etc.

A.J Balfour undertake all sizes of project for Private and Public sector clients, from:small value commissions comprising e.g.a brief structural survey report to high value projects potentially costing several-million pounds.

The Principal and staff have a broad base of experience in these sectors, particularly in relation to the following fields:-

New Build Housing (Social Housing & Private Developers)
Housing Rehabilitation/ Commercial & Industrial Projects/ Roads, Drainage Works and Site Infrastructure/ Over-roofing, Inspection and Repair of Multi-storey Tower Blocks
/ Structural Risk Assessments and Life Cycle Costs/ Structural Investigations and Reports
Stock Condition Surveys
Digital Mapping of Sewer and Water Main Apparatus/Partnering, Teamwork and Sustainable developments

Tel: 0141 771 6099  E-mail: