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Epic Engineered Panels

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The EPIC management team is drawn from the major manufacturers of rigid urethane products who supply over 90% of panels produced in the United Kingdom.

The objectives of EPIC are to promote the use and knowledge of the benefits of insulated panels and to ensure the ready availability of technical information both in the use of insulated panels and their performance over their complete life cycle.
Technical advice

EPIC provides up-to-date guidance through a range of Technical Guides covering regulatory requirements, energy conservation and fire performance and end of life. Guides are available in a pdf format that can be easily downloaded from the EPIC website.

EPIC guides are prepared using the extensive knowledge and experience of EPIC member companies and with the additional help and guidance from a range of specialist consultants according to the subject. Wherever possible the Guides include supporting evidence from research, case studies and independent testing.
Guidance for regulators

EPIC represents the insulated panel industry and is a major contributor on a number of government consultative working groups, particularly in the areas of energy conservation; fire regulation; waste and life cycle analysis and sustainability.

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