Corroded Stanchions

Corroded Stanchions 1
Corroded Stanchions 2

I’m in the middle of buying a bisf house in sheldon birmingham and  I’ve just had the building survey come back that states the stanchions were corroded and would require treatment and cleaning off.

It also stated that the bottom part of the house needs to be rendered.

Has anyone else come across this problem and is it easy to fix and expensive?


  1. Hello Wayne
    The images that Grangey has linked to are from a Trusteel house which has a different construction to that of a BISF house. I have been trying to dig out some images for you relating to stanchion repair but due to some technical difficulties, it is taking longer than usual to locate them. This leads on to my apology for the delay in responding to you as I have working behind the scenes on a number of different issues.
    There was a previous post that contained very similar information to that what you seek. The post is located here
    There were several images added to these posts that I have been trying to recover and this is what has caused my delay in replying to you.
    I have managed to obtain some of my original stanchion repair images and I will upload these as soon as I can for you. I have not been able to recover Paulines (who had the problem) images but I do hope that she will be able to re-upload them for us soon.

    What we don’t know from your post is the level of corrosion, had the survey revealed severe corrosion I would have expected the surveyor to recommend replacement but in your case they have only requested cleaning off and treatment. This would suggest only low level surface corrosion which would be much cheaper to repair. I must ask, was this an intrusive survey? Has part of the inner or outer wall been removed to view the stanchion? I ask because you surveyor may only be looking at corroded steel lathe under the render.

    Can you provide any further detail please as this would help to clarify the matter?

    My regards

  2. Wayne- Ive actually just googled the problem and came accross this which will give you an idea of the level of work needed:

    Im far from a professional, but it doesnt look like a MAJOR job (ie 10s of thousands to sort), but its far from a cheap fix either. I would suggest giving the above company a call just to see if they could give you a rough idea of how much that job cost, and try to identify local firms and get quotes.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Wayne

    I’m sorry to hear about your troubles and I’m really sorry but I’m unable to help. I too am going through the purchase process and I’m at th stage of arranging surveys. I wonder if you could tell me if your buildings survey was invasive or non invasive in order to pick this fault up?