DIY SOS Renovate BISF House in Dartford

In 2009, the DIY SOS Team headed by Nick Knowles updated a BISF House in Dartford on behalf of a family in need of help.
Nick Knowles and the team enlist the help of the local community and guest designer Oliver Heath to transform a post-war BISF house in Dartford into a warm and safe home for the future.

Single mum Louise had to stop work on her house when her son Thomas was diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. With the help of over a hundred local trades, friends and family. The DIY SOS team spend nine gruelling days renovating Louise and Thomas’s home, adding an extension, reconfiguring the layout and transforming the garden.

With Thomas on the brink of adolescence, Nick and the boys are determined to hand back a home that will help Thomas develop the skills he needs to move on with his life and give Louise back her independence.
The renovation was a serious challenge for the team who went on to add a ground floor extension to the property. The result was an impressive renovation providing plenty of tips and ideas for BISF home-owners. Last broadcast on Tue, 9 Aug 2011, 21:00 on BBC One.

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The episode also showed the use of a thermal imaging camera on the building showing a large amount of heat loss through the poorly insulated walls. We have tried hard to obtain a copy or a link of this episode but so far our search has been fruitless. If you have a copy or know of a link please let us know.


  1. I enjoyed the episode too Sharron and I especially liked the the extension and speed of erection.

    The final reveal was great and the episode was heartwarming as usual. The team did get a few things wrong such as describing the houses as a temporary structure which of course it isn’t, but I’ll forgive them this once bless. It’s still shocks me that this episode was originally broadcast over 8 years ago!

    I too would love to know how the family are getting on today.

    Thanks for your input Sharron.

  2. Hi I have a disabled son and watching the DIY SOS Big Build Dartford they put traffic lights into the young mans shed. As we have built David a 30 foot railway tunnel in the garden for him to drive his disabled scooter through and we NEED some lights. Can you please tell me where they found them. I do hope you can help. Thankyou in anticipation, Trish

    1. Hi Trish
      Sounds like a fantastic project!
      I have searched high and low for some lights but so far I haven’t had much joy.

      The original landscapers that completed the play room and sourced the lights was Forma Link below.

      You can e-mail them here IN**@FO*************.COM or go to this page where they have a submission form.

      I hope this helps


  3. That's brilliant news Ali, I have been trying to find a copy of the Dartford episode for months now as it showed some excellent scenes of the inside structure of the house.

    I will keep a lookout for the episode, many thanks for sharing!