Affordable Housing – Bolton Council


What is this document?
1.1 This document is a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and replaces the Interim Affordable Housing Planning Guidance Note (February 2008).
1.2 This SPD provides further detail to policies in Bolton’s Adopted Core Strategy, which, as a key part of the development plan for Bolton, is the primary consideration in making planning decisions. Supplementary Planning Documents can also be useful in determining planning applications, as they are capable of being a material consideration, but they are not part of the development plan.

1.3 The document is intended to support pre-application discussions, and will inform all involved in development proposals. It deals specifically with the provision of affordable housing through Bolton’s planning processes, with a focus on new supply. It sets out Bolton Council’s policy on achieving affordable housing so that the situation is clarified ahead of detailed discussions with
developers. The contents of this supplementary planning document should assist applicants to make successful applications and also increase the delivery of much needed affordable housing in line with the requirements of national planning policy. Applicants are advised to contact the council to discuss their proposals as early as possible.

1.4 This document has been jointly prepared by Bolton Community Homes and Housing Strategy. Bolton’s Strategic Housing Partnership continues to focus on the provision of affordable housing as one of its key priorities and will continue to perform negotiations with the Homes and Communities Agency and private developers as part of the planning process on behalf of
the council.

1.5 The Affordable Housing SPD will be reviewed on an annual basis or when new evidence becomes available.